Tony Mitraglia (cover)

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Dr Funk(Cover) The Main Squeeze

Video Jam with talented buddies

ReArrangement By Jay Hung Rhodes:Mac Chew Organ/Moog:Jay Hung Guitar:Mike McLaughlin Bass:NuEr DeKe Drum:Chris Trzcinski

Jolin Tsai - Ugly Beauty Keyboard Part

Live Concert 2016 Jeff Zhang


Jeff Zhang Live

Komplete M32 Demo and Review

by Jay Hung

Komplete M32 is a light portable mini keyboard with simple 32-keys keyboard. It is compatible with Logic, and it has more than 700 Komplete's own softwares. M32 can learn midi CC signal when working with the Logic. Features: fast-forward, rewind, record, stop, play, quantize, BPM, metronome switch, switch browser to control other Plugin, Loop play, and 8 Knob custom controls. Highly recommend this product for ones who require to arrange music while traveling away. Thanks to Taiwan Kraft Musik (Kai Kai) Kaikot for sponsoring. 

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